Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The 2015 Toronto International Boat Show Is Here!

Howdy Paddlers!

The Toronto International Boat Show opens THIS WEEKEND at the Direct Energy Centre and runs from Jan 10th-18th. As always, we'll be there in full regalia to unveil our new 2015 line-up and to showcase some amazing new products!

Here's everything you need to know:

What We've Got In Store for 2015

If you haven't seen all the new products we've developed for 2015, we've got some BIG things afloat. We've made some major changes to our canoe and kayak technology, and we believe these new boats are going to make a big splash in the paddlesports industry. Check out the latest details about our upgrades and new products HERE
The Carbon Fusion 'Textreme' Prospector 16, with Carbon Innegra interwoven fabrics and 'tech package' with carbon fiber gunwales, end caps, handles, seat pods, and yoke. 
The All-New Swift Kiwassa 12.6LT. In Carbon Fusion and integrating Innegra-Carbon fabrics, this new touring kayak comes in at only 28 lbs.

What To See And Do! 

We'll be doing daily Canoe/Kayak seminar and helping with the Stand Up Paddleboard and SUP Yoga demo as well. You can see the full schedule for the indoor lake HERE. The Boat Show builds 'The World's Largest Indoor Lake' inside the Ricoh Coliseum, and it's quite a sight to see! And it's pretty fun to paddle in too...

There are lots of other events taking place at the show, including a Special Preview Night and several guest speakers throughout the week. You can even meet Mary-Anne from Gilligans Island! (If you do, please ask her why Gilligan never managed to fix the hole in the SS Minnow. It seemed so possible...). More information about Preview Night and other events is available HERE.

Where To Find Us!

We'll be in our old stompin' grounds, Booth E-401 inside the Direct Energy Centre. You can see the full map of the venue and vendors HEREFor more information about the show, just give us a call at 1-800-661-1429 or e-mail us at swift@swiftcanoe,com. 

Who's Coming With Us?

We'll have ALL of our major brands on display, as well as reps from almost every product line to help you find the boat or accessory for your needs. We'll be there with:

1) Badger Paddles- Mike Ramsey 

2) SupLove SUP- Brandon Maddick & Jamie Taylor

3) Paluski Boats- Graham Wilkins 

4) BluWave SUP- Aaron Pilon, Ariel Amaral 

5) BIC SUP - Ralph Geronimo

6) Emotion Kayaks- Derek Harrison 

7) Quickblade Paddles- Derek Schotter

8) Hobie Kayaks- Jeff Rivest

9) Wilderness Systems & Perception Kayaks- Paul Britain

10) Maas Rowing Shells- Bill Swift

11) Alden Rowing Shells- Bill Swift 

See you in Toronto!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Welcome to the 2015 Swift Canoe & Kayak Line-Up!

Greetings Paddlers!

With 2015 just around the corner, and with our official unveiling happening at the Toronto Boat Show in January fast approaching, we're delighted to give you a sneak peek at what's new with Swift for 2015. Some of these boat models were technically unveiled last year, although there was never a formal release and we've since made several upgrades. But most of this year's new features include REALLY exciting upgrades to our laminate technology and available features. Here's the scoop...


The ALL-NEW Swift Kiwassa 12.6 Classic

Our Kiwassa series kayaks were designed to harmonize functionality with performance, and their popularity is a testament to the success of their design. Taking their design features a step further, the Kiwassa 12.6 Classic utilizes a high-performance mid-range length while removing the hatches to reduce weight. Remarkably light for a boat its size, the Kiwassa 12.6 Classic is a fusion between the comfort of a recreational boat and the performance of a touring kayak. With carrying now an ease, and with enough performance to tackle nearly any waterway, the Kiwassa 12.6 Classic will help you cover ground without sacrificing comfort along the way.   

Adirondack Pack 10.6

The new Swift Adirondack Pack 10.6 broadens the capabilities of our Pack lineup with an ultra-lightweight design that’s as nimble as it is capable. At just 16 lbs with a high-back seat and lumbar support, it has unparalleled comfort for a boat its size. For smaller to mid-size paddlers desiring the utility of lightweight paddle craft, the Pack 10.6 makes for effortless portages and maximized comfort on the water. A carbon fiber ‘Tech Package’ is also available, reducing the weight even further while improving an already sleek design. With so much versatility the Pack 10.6 won’t restrict your options, it will expand them.

Keewaydin Pack 14

The practicality of Pack boats is key to their appeal, so when we were asked to design a performance driven Pack boat capable of extended trips, we invariably turned to David Yost’s classic design style. With signature tumblehome, sharp entry lines, a deluxe high-back seat with lumbar support, adjustable foot braces, and an ultra-lightweight carbon seat base, the Keewaydin Pack 14 is a dynamic paddlecraft. With an available ‘Tech Package’ capable of reducing the weight to industry-leading figures, your travels on both land and water will be effortless. For solo canoe trippers, kayak trippers, or those who need a multi-purpose boat for a variety of paddling scenarios, the Keewaydin Pack 14 has you covered.

Keewaydin Pack 15

Algonquin Outfitters in Dwight, ON is our brother company and our largest rental dealer. They serve thousands of trippers every year as they pass through to explore the wilderness of Algonquin Provincial Park. Heeding their customer’s feedback, AO requested a high-volume solo tripping vessel for long-distance travellers and rugged portageurs. The Keewaydin Pack 15 mixes solo canoe hull features with a kayak-style configuration, creating the volume sought by canoe trippers with the comfort and efficiency of kayak style paddlers. With an ample paddling station and enough volume for weeks of tripping, the Keewaydin Pack 15 is a utilitarian tripper’s dream.

Keewaydin 14 Solo Canoe

Solo paddlers are often some of our most knowledgeable clients, and their desire for a compact and nimble solo canoe inspired the David Yost designed Keewaydin 14. Offering a slightly narrower paddling station than its big brother the Keewaydin 15, with sharp entry lines and a performance-oriented hull design, the Keewaydin 14 has the dynamic capabilities of the 15 but with even better responsiveness. Quick on the turn and quick up to speed, the Keewaydin 14 is the perfect fit for smaller to mid-size paddlers or those who travel light. 


Carbon Fiber Yoke 

Swift is extremely excited to offer a carbon fiber yoke on all upcoming 2015 tandem canoes. Surprisingly, with a typical cherry wood yoke, the heaviest item in a canoe, by volume, is the yoke itself. A carbon yoke is approximately 50% lighter than our standard cherry wood yoke, and will reduce boat weights by approximately 1 lb (varies by model). The new carbon fiber yoke will be offered as part of a "Tech Package" available on all tandem canoes, or as a single item that can be upgraded onto your existing boat. Stronger, lighter, and with no maintenance, these carbon yokes will make enjoying your canoe that much easier.

Swift factory manager Ryan Jones with his new design. You're the man Reeko. 
Mounted into a Kevlar Fusion Prospector 15 with Tech Package.

Carbon Fiber Tech Package

Available on all 2015 canoes and pack boats, the Tech Package will include carbon fiber decks/end caps, carrying handles, thwarts, seat drops/mounts (tandem canoes), and yoke (tandem canoes). Tandem canoes will incorporate an all-black aesthetic on all components. Solo canoes and Pack boats will utilize a carbon cross-weave pattern with a yellow-black color scheme. Not only does the Tech Package reduce boat weights by 4-6 lbs (depending on the model), they minimize maintenance and create a sleek appearance that will definitely turn heads on the water. 

Carbon End Cap
Carbon Carrying Handle- Available on Tandem Canoes
Carbon Cross-Weave Pattern- Available on Solo Canoes & Pack Boats
Carbon Seat Drops- Available on Tandem Canoes
Full Carbon Tech Package Integration
Carbon Innegra Cloth Integration

And now, for the biggest news! Some of you may have already seen or heard of the appearance of Innegra cloth breaking its way into the paddlesports industry (like the very awesome Novacraft video featuring their new Tuff Stuff laminate canoe being dropped off a roof!). Innegra is a new proprietary cloth that can be mixed with traditional carbon fiber to create a lighter, stronger, more elastic, and more abrasion resistant hull. Innegra is shaping up to change the paddlesports industry, and we're very pleased to be the first to offer it as a 'Clear Coat" option on our Carbon Fusion canoes and kayaks. These new boats take carbon fiber boats to a whole new level with an attractive appearance along with a lighter and more resilient hull. This is the new wave of canoe and kayak technology...

Carbon Innegra clear coat cloth on a Swift Kiwassa 12.6 Classic

Come on out to the Toronto Boat Show, running from January 10th-18th at the Direct Energy Center to see these latest designs first-hand!

(Pricing for 2015 on all boats and new features will be released shortly)